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At Meshek Muslow you'll learn about farming in a fun and educational way!​

Meshek Muslow is a working farm- that means that things change every day. 

You'll tour the animal pen. We have sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, geese, ducks and a few more. They all live together in a big open pen and get along. The sheep and goats are friendly and easy to pet. 


You'll take a walk into the fields. You'll learn and see why the banana is a plant even if it looks like a tree. We'll show you what we need to do to keep our pomegranates healthy and make sure the fruit we pick is not Orla. We grow the 4 species for Succoth and you'll see what we have to do. We also have some exotic fruit that you can try. 


We can help you plan an activity that just right for you.

Orange picking
Delicious citrus
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